About The Artist


Brian O’Connor has been a working musician for many years. Starting on the guitar at age seven, he quickly realized that this is what he wanted to do for the rest of his life. Brian started performing on the world famous Steel Pier at age ten through sixteen as a solo act. He was also in many different bands during his teen years, with his brother Kevin on the drums playing high school dances and any gig he and his band could get, just to perform. He continued to add many songs to his repertoire from current rock, oldies, country to Sinatra and later in his solo career, booked himself as knowing well over two thousand tunes to request from. Some weeks performing 14 gigs a week, playing his one man band act from 5pm-7:30pm, five days a week at a famous restaurant for the early crowd, then driving to Pennsylvania or New York to perform at another club from 10pm -2am. He also played 4 private parties every weekend with the Brian O'Connor Orchestra.  At one point one of the major airlines was flying him around the country to perform in front of about 500 travel agents a night and the top execs of the airline to promote travel, he would be in Sarasota, Florida one night and two days later be in Des Moine Iowa. He was by far one of the busiest acts in the business.

Brian also studied many other instruments such as piano, bass, drums, sax and flute. At age fourteen, Brian recorded his first record which he wrote and performed all the vocal and instrumental tracks using multi track recording. At age sixteen, he won his first songwriting contest sponsored by WPIX radio station in New York with a song he wrote called  "Sunshine". He was also featured in Cashbox Magazine.



A few years later, Brian was a winner in the American Songwriters Festival. That was when he recorded his first album titled “ Chestnut Grove” which was featured on local radio stations and performed on the Joe Franklin TV Show.

Brian has performed all over the country in various night clubs, thousands of private parties and in many casinos in Atlantic City such as Caesars and the Sands. He has also sung on radio commercials. Still performing, Brian prefers spending more time in the studio writing and recording new material and teaching his many music students. His new CD is some of Brian’s best material. His sense of harmonies and guitar work are outstanding. The title "Diversified Works" truly says it all.  A feel good album with eleven original songs written and performed by Brian.